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After immigrating to the USA back in 2002 with a lack of English language knowledge, Blazo Gjorev started a temporary job as a truck driver. After a few years, besides learning the language, he noticed a lot of opportunities for optimization in the transportation industry.

In 2005, Blazo Gjorev incorporated his first business providing transportation services, and in several years that company became one of the biggest in the Chicago metropolitan area.

In 2009, Blazo Gjorev bought the most respectable refrigerated transportation company within the United States. The company had financial challenging times. Under his guidance, learning and contribution were exchanged, and the company was entirely restructured and brought back the financial strength and reputation of a 50-year-old trucking company. The company was successfully sold to another very respectable refrigerated trucking business in the United States.

In 2012-2013, after learning what optimization, buying power, and scaling for a trucking company means, the vision was to create a platform for small and medium companies to be competitive on the market. The first company that Blazo Gjorev incorporated was for easy financial access to capital, then truck and trailer sales, financing, insurance combined with heavy consulting. Blazo Gjorev is proud to say that he is helping over 350 trucking companies to be more potent on the market through aggregating buying power, access to modern technology, and operational knowledge for scaling their business, including competitive pricing for each service.

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